Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Whirligig Lit-Zine

Soooo, anyway, in a past life, I used to publish and edit and distribute internationally through Tower Records Worldwide, a litzine called The Whirligig. After Tower went belly-up, so did TW. Here's some stuff from that dead era, really just for my own amusement rather than anything else.

Whirligig Imagery:

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Ann Sterzinger reading in Chicago, at the Cullen Carter Benefit Thing we did with the ULA and others:

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Some critical acclaim for The Whirligig:

"For all its modest, zeeny presentation, THE WHIRLIGIG is one of the most important lit journals being produced in this country." - Karl "King" Wenclas, Founder of the Underground Literary Alliance

"One of the best collections of fiction I've read in a long time. Seriously. I read a ton of zines, novels, short stories, whatever crosses my visual path, and this was an exceptional collection. I read more every chance I got." - Davida Gypsy Brier, Xerography Debt

"The gang down here at the Jersey City Office of The Ministry Of Cool, Useful, and Interesting quite like The Whirligig, a great li'l ficzine out of Brooklyn. Perzines and scenezines died a long, slow, and mostly well-deserved death, but The Whirligig editor/publisher took a different route. He publishes some of his own stuff, but always gives the other authors and stories the lion's share of the zine and the hype (such as hype is in the zine world). He also does amazing things like offer useful editorial commentary, publish on time, and works to develop an interesting multigenre voice for the zine.

And the strategy seems to be paying off. He's published some of the cream of the underground crop including Jeff Somers, author of Lifers; Jim Munroe, author of Angry Young Spaceman and Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask; Ann Sterzinger of the Underground Literary Alliance, and Jennifer "Callie" Callahan of the very ironically titled Vanity Press." - Nick Mamatas, of The Urban Bizarre and other literary fame

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